Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is the first post for a newly formed zine entitled, Choose Your Heaven. This zine will discuss the nature of religion in hardcore punk, and what it means for the music and people involved in this community. There will be interviews as well as personal writings from myself as well as others who would like to contribute, as well as interviews with members of the hardcore community.

The purpose of this zine is not to judge any person or any religion. It is to create a constructive conversation about spirituality and hardcore. You will see numerous types of beliefs on this page, as well as the related hard copy zine that will go by the same name. I will keep you updated on the process of the hard copy version and once it is finished, a means to get a copy.

One final note: The comments section will be open to strike conversation on each topic, but, posts degrading or belittling any belief shown will be deleted. So if you're going to make a rude comment, you might as well not bother, or go into depth of why you are against that individual's view.

Thank you and I will be posting interviews in the very near future.

- Kevan Aguilar @ CHOOSE YOUR HEAVEN Zine